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we bake fresh cookies




pure butter

We only use 100% pure butter to bake our cookies (no oil or other cheap fat). This is how they get such an amazing taste & smell.

free-range eggs

All day in a cage? No way. Freedom is requested for all the chickens who kindly provide us with their eggs.

fleur de sel

A much finer and delicate taste compared to table salt - and better for health. A sort of fairy dust in our cookie dough.


Premium quality chocolate quality is key to bake incredible cookies. Valrhona is a French company famous around the world for its quality.

100% of the profit


100% of the profit made on these sweaters goes to the amazing association Vier Voeters (Four Paws) that fights for bears especially in Vietnam, where they are exploited for their bile. You can already sign the petition if you feel like doing something kind today.

The sweaters are sold in our cookie shop in Utrecht and we are working on making them available online.


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in Utrecht


my dog

Nice to meet you 👋

And this is me, Laura. Baking isn’t my professional background but it is my true passion. Since my youngest age, I have been baking with my two grand-mothers - and I still do! L’amour de la bonne cuisine runs in the family DNA.


10 years ago after graduating with a Bachelor in Management and a MBA in Luxury Brand Management, I was leaving France, my home country. During these years, I was working for big corporates and then for an international group in the luxury industry. I had amazing times. I learnt so much, met incredible people and had great fun too.


Christmas 2018, I quit my job to focus on my own project. Like for many others, entrepreneurship has not really began as a straight road for me, it was more of a bumpy ride. But step by step things started to fall into place and I could start building my dream. Now I'm so happy to be able to tell that my cookie shop / bakery is going to open in a couple of weeks - end November if everything goes well :)



Vinkenburgstraat 6

3512 AB Utrecht


06 21 39 30 85

Tuesday - Sunday

10.00 - 18.00

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