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We aim to gather everyone around our food!

Our goal is to give you the true feeling of a real burger, without you being able to guess that it's plant-based.


Well, now you know ;)

We spread passion, happiness and good music too. Check our Spotify playlist at the bottom of every page.

Why did we choose


as our icon?

The primary meaning of the bear as a totem is strength and confidenceA bear will always stand against adversity by taking action and leadership.

When the bear appears to be your spirit animal guide, it is time to stand for your beliefs and understand that the time to fight for your vision of the world has come.

The meaning of the bear makes so much sense for Teddy Burger. We relate inner strength and fearlessness to the confidence we have in a new approach of food, especially within the fast food industry. 

What we think about the



​Humans have victimized animals to such a degree that they are not even considered as victims anymore. They are not even considered at all. They are nothing, they do not count, they do not matter. They are commodities like a TV or a mobile phone. We have actually turned animals into objects – or sandwiches and shoes to be more precise.


The antioxidants, fibers and other essential nutriments originate in plants, not in animals. If they are present in meat, it is because animals eat plants. Easy to understand, right? Why should we go through an animal to get the benefits of plants? Vegan athletes show us everyday that meat is not the only way to get your protein. Consuming unnecessary, and unhealthy substances, (like saturated fat, animal protein, lactose, and dietary cholesterol) leads to many illnesses, and many types of cancers. 


When we turn away from the reality of what we do to animals for our gustatory pleasure, we play a game of pretending, like the child who covers her eyes and thinks you can’t see him. Closing our eyes doesn't make the violence disappear. It only closes our minds and hearts and enables the violence to continue.